Boudy Groub Renew

for the first time in Egypt at Kenbo

On March 12, 2015, the 22nd Cairo International Motor Show Automech Formula has witnessed the official launching ceremony of BAIC Senova in Egypt, introducing its two hit products, the A1 and A3 to the media and visitors.

The ceremony was attended by BAIC International President Dong Haiyang, in addition to Mr. Mohamed El-Kasrawy CEO Group, who was both very glad to introduce the new car to the audience of journalists and exhibition visitors.

“Kasrawy Group in Egypt is one of the most important partners for BAIC Group in the world. Its valuable experiences in the car sales field will help both sides to achieve even greater performance.” Said Dr. Dong in his official speech during the opening ceremony, expressing his ultimate confidence in Kasrway Group’s after sale services to deliver extra ordinary customer service that meets client’s expectations.

It’s worth mentioning that the A1 has has been performing outstandingly well in  overseas markets like South America, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia since 2013 because of its extremely rich smart, hi-tech configurations that put the A1 ahead of its main competitors of the same class. 


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