About Us

What inspires us.
We are inspired by the development and the products that enhance mobility and benefit society. We see the power of developing as a way of thinking that guides us in taking our decisions in order to move forward and to please your desires.

the founder
Mr. Osama (Chairman) has begun his career early through working in his father's company, which was also an Automotive company, and it helped him to gain the experience in the field of cars and trading as well as the surrounding circumstances in the field of management which supported his idea of operating his own business.

To become the leading automotive company and distributor in the Middle East.

Our Mission takes our vision statement a stage further and describes how we will achieve our vision.

- Our Employees are partners in our future, we will all act and lead in line with our guiding principles.

- We actively encourage our customers to provide feedback.

- Offer ongoing support

- Extend our life of automotive investments.


Key Success Factors



Boudy Group Journey